Alternatives to AdMob in 2021

If you’ve been building mobile apps you’ve probably heard of AdMob as a way to monetize your app. As you will see, it’s a popular option, but not the only one available on the market. There are many alternatives to AdMob available, keep reading to discover our top 3 picks.

The most popular ad network for apps

AdMob: the only solution?

There are many ways on how to earn from your app as a publisher. One of the most popular ways of monetisation, as we mentioned before, is to use AdMob, a platform developed by Google. It offers you the possibility to earn money by offering third-party advertising in your app based on predetermined criteria you define.

It basically connects advertisers that need to advertise on mobile devices and app owners with empty ad space in their app. Advertisers create the ads, publishers offer ad space and AdMob connects both of them.

You will ask yourself: “if I can use AdMob, why should I look for an alternative?”

As we all know, every online platform is different. If we think about social media, somebody likes Facebook more than Instagram, somebody Twitter more than Snapchat. Reasons can be different: usability, layout, maybe even just the colors.

Same goes for AdMob. What if you don’t like it? What if it doesn’t offer you all the features that you need? Do you have to stop offering advertising space in your app?

Fortunately, no.

AdMob is not the only platform that offers you the possibility to do that. In recent years, many new providers of similar service have emerged on the market, so don’t worry.

We went through many solutions and came out with 3 other providers that offer the same service. Maybe one of them offers the functionality you’ve been dreaming about.

Top 3 alternatives to AdMob

All the choices are quite similar in terms of how they work: there is a marketer looking for a place to advertise on a mobile device and a publisher with empty ad space in an app; the platform just matches them.

Let’s find out which is the best AdMob alternative for what you need. For each of them, we mentioned what its best quality is to help you decide.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook keeps growing and growing. They started as a social media platform and expanded into many different segments, as well as becoming one of the leading online advertising platforms worldwide. With all the know-how they have, they’ve developed a solution that focuses on the publishers needs, offering them an app monetisation opportunity.

Best for: Targeting and measurement options available


Appodeal is a platform available from 2015: a mediation platform, offering a way to empower app developers and publishers while working in a transparent and innovative way. It is quite simple to use with many settings available.  

Best for: Customer support

Unity Ads

Like the ones mentioned above, Unity Ads is a mediation monetisation platform, concentrated mostly on the gaming community. They offer a simple way for game developers to get another revenue stream from existing app users.

Best for: Usability and revenue rates

These are the 3 solutions we suggest you have a look at. Do you know any other alternatives to AdMob?

Tell us in the comments below.

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