Increase retention, rank higher in SERP

This is a new idea… the “App for blog” strategy. It derives from the fact that we are not just moving towards a mobile first world (Like Google announced a few years back), but rather that we are already living in a mobile first world.

Mobile first world

Now, if you’re a blogger, you have to adapt to this new digital landscape and not fall behind like most people do when innovations first come out or something changes and they feel it’s just the latest fad.

Let me ask you, does this sound familiar? You have a blog and people visit it, but only on occasion. You’re ranking well in SERP, but not quite the first spot and you are looking for new ideas.

Most bloggers struggle with retention and ideas to further improve SEO. This blog post will cover an innovative new way to do both with very little effort, since it makes use of Upsquare app maker, which lets you do something that was until now reserved only for big companies with even bigger budgets… building a native mobile application for your blog. Hence the name, App for blog strategy.

Increase retention with app for blog

What are the best practices to get your visitors to come back to your blog once they decided they like your content? Let’s list them out:

1. Duble down with a newsletter. Having a newsletter means having an effective way of notifying your readers of new content. Kinda like having your own little newspaper or magazine… kinda neat when you think about it :)

Newsletters or spam? It's a thin line.

Make sure your signup form is always above-the-fold, simple and visible with a clear call-to-action aimed at signups.

2. Build a social media audience. All those Likes and Follows are not just a status symbol. They are a way of building up your audience, your audience that you can notify of new content via post/tweets/whatever. They are also a great source of data to build advertising strategies on, if you do it the right way from the beginning (but this is a separate topic worthy of a separate article).

Social media can be powerful, but organic reach is dropping.

Make sure your follow buttons are all working and clearly visible through the visitors interaction with your blog. If they like your content, make sure they have a way of following you on social media.

3. RSS feeds. I’m not sure these are even used anymore, but whatever, one more way for people to follow you and one more way for you to inform them of new content.

4. App for blog? This is what it’s all about and it has a lot to do with push notifications (which can be used on websites as well, but are way less effective).

Now let’s look at some downsides of the above options.

Newsletters don’t get opened as often as they used to. Most people subscribe to too many and are eventually just fed up with receiving them. They also get “relocated” to the promotions tab quite often and a big percentage of people don’t open promotional emails.

Social media networks earn their money through advertising and most of them, most notably Facebook, are constantly decreasing organic reach of company posts. It makes sense, they want you to spend money on advertising and they want you boosting those posts.

This is where having your own app comes in. Above I mentioned that having a newsletter is like having your own little newspaper or magazine. Now imagine you could have all your loyal readers always carrying around this little newspaper of yours. Even better, this little newspaper would remind your readers that there are new articles waiting for them to read! That is basically what having an app for your blog is.

Let your readers know you have new content. Use push notifications!

When someone comes to your blog and decides he likes your writing style or the topics you cover and wants to read more, he’s going to be happy to sign up for your newsletter and he’s also going to be happy to download your app.

Now you’re on his phone and have a direct line to your loyal reader. He’s always going to have your content on hand and accessing it is as simple as opening the app. Even offline! Now that makes for a happy reader and also increases loyalty and retention.

But that’s not all. You don’t want to rely on the readers choice to read your content. You want an effective way to encourage him to read more and more often. This is where push notifications come in. Every time you publish a new piece of content, you have a direct way of letting your most loyal readers know. This increases retention and return rate of readers significantly.

Rank higher in SERP with app for blog

Search engines change up their game all the time. They aim to please their users and give them the most relevant content possible. But two things haven’t changed in forever:

  1. They look for good content.
  2. They look at inbound links.

I’ll leave the content creations part to expert copy writers, but I’ll give you an extra idea on how to get another high quality backlink or two to your website.

Publish an app on some or all the app stores. Don't forget to do at least some basic app store optimization as well.

Each app submission also includes a link back to your blog. You could call this the “App for blog” link building strategy. Having a couple of inbound links from app stores sure isn't going to hurt. If anything, it gives an extra signal to search engines that you are a serious enough blogger that you went through the trouble of creating an app for your blog, and as such deserve to rank higher than you “appless” competitors.

App for blog, app for me

So in short, having an app for your blog will increase user retention and satisfaction through convenience, speed and accessibility. It will also help out with your organic rankings because of extra inbound links from app stores and perceived credibility.

Why don’t more people have an app for their blog, if this is true? Well, simple, building an app is expensive and time consuming… at least it used to be. Now Upsquare offers a quick, less than 30 minute, conversion of your blog into a native app, ready to publish, at a very affordable price.


Yes? Then try the app for blog strategy and head over to our signup page and convert your blog into an app.

No? Head over to our signup page anyway and try it out free for 1 month. If you’re not satisfied, just cancel your subscription, no obligations.

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