Top 5 app tools to use in 2020

Whether you are looking to promote your app, build a new one or analyze your app’s performance, you’re going to need the right app tools.

You can't build a table with a spoon and you can't build an app with Microsoft Paint

Like you can’t build a table with a spoon, you won’t be able to build and promote your app with the wrong tools. Picking the right ones is dependent on your needs, but if you’re converting your website into an app, we can only encourage you to try out our service, Upsquare app maker. It currently supports WordPress and Ghost, but in 2020 we are also going to add Woocommerce and Shopify support plus a bunch of other neat stuff. So be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or sign up to receive notifications when new features get released.

OK, that was the advertising plug, now let’s look at some cool tools that you can use to better your apps performance. Let’s start at the bottom…

5. Mobile Action

A mix of paid advertising and optimizing your listing is the recipe for app store optimization success. You can get all of this done on your own with free tools, but it’s a lot easier and more effective, if you have an all round tool that analyses the market place as well as helps you with optimization. Mobile action is just that.

So if you want to take your app store optimization to the next level, try it out.

4. Firebase

An all in one app development tool. If you are using the Upsquare app maker, you won’t really need it, but if you’re creating an app from scratch, it’s a solid choice to implement Firebase. It allows many features, from monitoring, crash analytics to user authentication and database storage.

So for app developers it’s pretty much a must to get acquainted with Firebase.

3. Google Analytics for Mobile

Like with a website, it’s also all about data when it comes to apps. To improve your UX at scale, you need data on how users use it. To better monetize it, you need data on what placements work best. To know what content to include, you have to know what your users are looking at. And so on and so on.

Google Analytics for mobile can help you with all these questions and more. Like with many Google products the basic version is free and includes everything you need to make effective analysis. Since it’s basically the same product as the web version, you’ll also be greeted with an interface you already know and love.

Like in all years before, this tool will be a must have for 2020 as well.

2. appScatter

Want your app to reach a bigger audience? Then appScatter is the app tool for you. Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are not the only players in town. A large share of the app market still belongs to smaller app stores and they can be every bit as interesting for an app owner as the big dogs.

AppSactter can help you reach these smaller stores and also run a centralized overview of your app’s performance through one easy to use dashboard.

To learn more, visit their website.

1. App Annie

Still the number one app tool and adding new features all the time, they will probably stay number one.

App Annie allows you to analyze your competition, do keyword research, track your app’s progress and much, much more.

Basically any research that you do for app store optimization, App Annie has you covered. Since they also offer free basic accounts for companies, you just have to dust off your work email address to try it out.

Conclusion about 2020 app tools

To effectively analyse, optimize, develop, monetize and research, you need the right tools. The above 5 app tools will get you all the way through on your app journey.

App Annie can help you analyse your competition and plan your app store presence. It can also help you optimize your app store presence and follow your optimization efforts. Firebase will be useful while you develop your app and after, if you decide to use Firebase Analytics. AppScatter will help you expand beyond Google and Apple’s app store. Finally Mobile Action will take your app a step further through advance app store optimization.

In any case, these app tools are great and will help you on your way to success, but ultimately it’s up to you and how much time and effort you put into it. Like Colin Powell said:

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Hard work and learning is up to you, but the above list can surely help you with the preparation part.

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